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Tales Of Worlds
The world of Taltarus hangs on the brink of war. The Arechon Empire, stable and neutral for many decades has mysteriously launched a war campaign on the free lands of the world.
Harnessing the legendary power Mana, which created the world, rumoured to be impossible to control save for the prophesised demon said to arrive at the brink of Taltarus's life, the Emperor encroaches on Farris, the last free kingdom.
Rene, holding a legendary sword passed down to him, and an as of yet unknown role in the death and rebirth of the planet, and his companions, the Remnants, members of the world's last free army, set out on a journey to reseal the Mana Pools, sources of the emperor's power, before the Mana balance becomes unstable and Taltarus itself tears into pieces.
What the experience along the way changes their lives, their destinies, and the fate of everyone alive now and everyone yet to be born. They discover the dark secret behind the empires invasion, a secret that has held the world in it's grasp for thousands of years, and one which links them intimately with both the current crisis and the very birth of Taltarus.

Follow a journey that has been in the making for over a year.

. An intricate and epic story starring unique and highly complex characters with different abilities and each with their own dark past and a great destiny.

. A massive and realistic real time world. Watch day turn to night and shops close, tides rise and fall, mystical dungeons unlock and different quests become available at four different periods of the day.

. An epic traditional style RPG with 20+ hours of gameplay, over 70 spells and abilities, over 200 fierce and intelligent monsters and 7 different characters, each one valuable to your group in a different way.

. Intense ATB Based combat with over 200 monsters and 21 challenging bosses.

. Powerful emotionally charged cutscenes.

. Minigames including a monster arena, casino, rapier dueling arean, and roulette.

. A gripping atmosphere of high adventure.


Age: 25
Weapon: Sword
Skill: SwordTech
A renegade on the warpath against the empire, who killed his family and along with all the people of his hometown of Hursh ten years ago.
Somehow, he remained the sole survivor of the attack. To this day, he has no memory of the attack, only the aftermath.
He has felt a strange power within him since then. What does his past hold?

Age: 23
Weapon: Crossbow
Skill: ArrowTech
An elite member of the Remnants, the resistance army stationed in Farris, Arlia is carefree and happy. It is unknown what spurs her to join the fight against the Empire, but she seems to not let it ever ruin her mood. Little does she know it, but she will soon push the group further in their quest for revenge.

Age: 41
Weapon: Sharpstave
Skill: ManaPower
An elite officer in the Remnants, and fused into armor imbued with magical powers no others possess, Holt is not much of a conversationalist, and only speaks to point out glaring complications in the group's plans. He seems troubled and emotionless. Why is he seeking vengeance upon the empire?

Age: 51
Weapon: Katana
Skill: Bushido
Sadeske was once captain of the now fallen Mana Knights, guardians to the five elemental Mana Pools. Sadeske fought against the Emperor himself in his crusade to unlock the final pool, the pool of Existence, and was, upon defeat, thrown nto the pool itself.
Some force guided him through time, ten years into his future, into the present day. Was his arrival coincidence, or fate?

Age: 24
Weapon: Twin Daggers
Skill: Deceit
A wandering thief with a cocky, wisecracking attitude, Glacius knows the ging ons of the shadiest, darkest corners of the cities of Taltarus.
Although initially drawn to helping the group because he is promised money, an event will soon rock the group that gives him morals and pushes him to join the cause.

Age: 19
Weapon: Battleaxe
Skill: Alchemy
A sailor for hire, sailing charters over the seas of Taltarus, she knows all there is to know about the ways of the world. Although she is initaially hired by the group, she discovers they really share the same cause as her, for her past was rocked by the empires campaign too, amd
she joins them on their quest.

Age: 28
Weapon: Hand Cannon
Skill: Gunplay
Once an elite Gunner of the mechanical kingdom Iycd, which fell to the empire's wrath, she has served the Remnants and King Leshrac of Farris ever since.
Once the group's quest begins to dent the empire's offense, she joins them, seeking to revive the glory of her fallen home.

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