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The Brotherhood: Demo v.1
The Brotherhood tells the epic tale of a skilled assassin whose entire world is ripped out from underneath him by the brutal invasion of demonic forces. The assassin, Gaunt, is forced to embark upon what looks like a futile crusade against the creatures that stole his home and all he has known from him. vengeance initially guides his blade, but Gaunt is soon embroiled in a battle for the very survival of the world itself.

Facing deadly enemies in every direction, Gaunt and a small band of loyal companions struggle to expose the demons' stealthy invasion, only to be met with scorn and disbelief. And all the while, the demons themselves are doing all they can to eradicate the brave warriors and the threat they pose to their ungodly plans. With so much adversity to contend with, will Gaunt and his friends be able to stand against the rising tide of darkness facing them?

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