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Realistic ABS
You think all ABSs are the same? Wrong! Here comes the one with the realistic engine!
Enough Merchandising.
This ABS lets your enemies be your friends, your friends be your enemies' enemies, or your enemies only attack you when you attack them. Realistic, i guess...


* 8-Way Movement
* Different Alignments (neutral, attack evil, attack good, attack Player...)
* Different Reactions (do nothing, attack all, attack attacker...)
* AI (heal when hp low, heal status effects, run away, call for help...)
* Enemies can always attack you, but you have to be in battle_mode to attack
* Skill and Weapon Range
* halfes the Animation sizes, to ease their creation
* All the features that are in Prexus' ABS (because this is a mod of his ABS)
* Some others i might have forgot...

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