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The New and Improved Pixelmovement Scipt
Author's Message:
" Well.. I think most of you already tried some other "Pixel movement Scripts" like me. But there were some things, I missed. For example all scripts only worked with the hero, but not with the events and although you could move Pixel by Pixel, it was not possible to move directly next to a wall, a flower, etc. (= you couldn't move on a tiles which was already used by another object).
Because of this, I got the idea to make a similar script myself, but with those new features. "

- Credits:
arevulopapo (turn toward/away player methods)
Caesar (fill_circle method)
Fanha Giang (Autotile handling)
Caldaron (move_toward_player method)

- Important:
This script uses its own (optimized) Anti-Lag-Script and has many more
features than only Pixelmovement.

- What do I have to do if I would like to use this script in my game?
If your game is not commercial its enough to credit me (f0tz!bearchen) in your game, if you'd like to sell you game please contact me and we can talk about this (but normally I only would like to have some information about your project and a free version of the finished game).

Instructions for usage are included in the readme file in the root folder of the project folder (the same folder as game.exe), as well as a full feature list, and comes in either English or Deutsch. Settings can be changed in the section starting line 6050 of the script.

Before use please note:
-This script uses the Standard Development Kit for improved compatibility.
- This is in a Release Candidate Stage. It should work nigh on perfect, with a few bugs that are yet to be fixed
- For f

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