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Fantasy of an era

My first game, its not that long but hey whatever, hope you enjoy!

[Final Demo] Demon Destiny 1

The final demo version of Demon Destiny 1. An evil demon lord has returned and is threatening earth. Now Sazuka along with his sister Iris and new friend Shogan must set out and destroy this demon once and for all. Can you end the Demon Destiny?

Curse of Silence

The demo version of action battle Legion Saga spin-off featuring Sazaku.

Sovan Jedi
Idunn Ymiraldor

A young boy is driven to murder after years of bullying - fortunately for him the planet is practically obliterated in the same day. Scheduled classes for the day have been cancelled. It soon becomes clear to the invaders, in the hardest learned lesson of their short lives, that this kid has an unnatural aptitude for metal piping. But things look bleak as our young hero and, with his girlfriend, heads away from the city with these overwhelming odds blocking his path.

Enter the Cave

Markus, a back-water village boy, cannot resist the temptation of the Cave of Wonder, a newly unearthed landmark. Throwing caution to the wind, he enters only to fall deep into the huge caverns. It will take all his cunning, as well as a portion of your own, to get Markus out of this sticky predicament. Enter the Cave at your own peril.

The Legend of the Philosopher's Stone

This game tells a story of a group of friends whisked away from the world they once called their home. Now stranded in a new land where nothing can be taken for granted, they must all band together and find a way to return to Earth. Deeply rooted into this new world is a legend that transcends time, the legend of the philosopher's stone. The stone is rumored to be an all-powerful artifact, and maybe it can even return the friends back to the lives that they left behind.


You're Hero Guy, a lazy, gold-hording anti-hero sort, whose Coin Creator gets stolen. Rather than do an honest day's work, Hero Guy hunts down the thief, picking up all the spilled coins along the way.

Tales Of Worlds

This game has been revelling in great reviews on many other sites such as Kobra's Realm, Gaming World, and RPG Maker Network, and for good reason, it's a wonderfully crafted, challenging and nostalgic RTP game with realistic characters, an atmosphere of games of the past and an outstanding story.
Now it is available on RPG Palace. Perserverance is required, because it is slow at first, but once you get an hour or so in, you'll be hooked.

Indinera Falls
Laxius Power 3

Final part of the series, Laxius Power 3 features the most thrilling adventure ever lived by Random and his friends. As the party is invited into Metrolia, the biggest town in the world, they quickly discover that weird things are going on. Could it be that the demons' threat is closer than first expected? Who are the enemies and who are the allies? Play and find out!

Romancing Walker

Years ago the Saint Dragoon Lady Flare defeated Chaos. Now, a young swordsman named Ryle must begin an epic adventure of humor, romance, swordplay, tragedy, and did we mention humor? One man, seven women... who knows what lies ahead? (Probably a lot of pain for our poor hero)


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