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All RPG Maker XP Tilesets Combined.

All of the preset tilesets combined so you can use them all on one map. :D

The Inquisitor
Medieval Interior

Inquisitor presents another 100% custom XP tileset, this time for interiors. With well over 2000 tiles, covering castles, hovels, mansions, kitchens, dungeons, churches and stables, Inquisitor has produced a comprehensive set for RTP sized character sets.

Trees Tileset

A nice tree/forest tileset made with a 3d modelling application.

The Inquisitor
World Map

Inquisitor presents his 100% custom XP World tileset. This gigantic set contains 4000 tiles, over three million pixels, with snow, mountains, deserts and more exquisite towns than you can shake a Mack&Blue tileset at.

The Inquisitor
Medieval Exterior

100% original RPG Maker XP tileset by the Inquisitor. This is the outdoor tileset to match the interior. Suitable for villages, towns, cities, countryside, farmland, forests, mountains, mines and castles!

Warcraft 2 graphics for RMXP

Buildings and some terrain stuff from Warcraft 2
the gyrocopter, 2 footmen/soldiers, human wall autotile, orc wall autotile, grass autotile, stone/mountain autotile, tree autotile, animated water, dirt-to-water autotile


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