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RPG Maker XP
RPG Maker XP is perhaps the first worthy title capable of taking on the big boys like Sphere or Game Maker. With a wide new array of tools and features, RPG Maker makes its return bigger and better than ever. As many already know, the program has seen a major overhaul since its last large change. Gone are the limitations of 256 colors and graphics sizes. Now tileset and spriteset size is defined by the user, giving infinite possibilities. Other additional changes most notable are picture displays during battle, customizable icon sets (now in full color compared to the previous black and white,) and extra map layers. The single greatest addition to RPG Maker XP is RGSS, also called the ruby game scripting system. RGSS allows users to take full-control of their game; ranging from the menus to the battle engine and beyond. While some look down upon this as an over complication, others praise the step-up to a script driven development environment.
Community News
09/16/2005 Legal english version of RMXP released.
08/26/2004 English patch for RMXP released at Phylomortis.com
Developer Links
-Official Enterbrain RMXP Information
Anything and everything you need to know about RMXP, including how to buy a license. RMXP is available for download on Download.com (good for 30 days without a license).
-Loose Leaf (Japanese)
A small webpage that appears to be regularly updated by Mack. It has a rather nice amount of additional spritesets that are not included in the RTP, but are in the same style. There are also a couple new tilesets here as well, plus a link to his blog.
Technical site of RPG Advocate, reknowned community icon for his authority and experience with the series. His site contains many technical documents on RPG Maker 2003 and RPG Maker XP, including many wonderful tutorials for advanced users as well as a large resource database with most of the classic RM2k(3) resources.
-Creation Asylum
An online community dedicated to the development and progression of RPG Maker XP. Home to a few popular scripts like Dubealex's Advanced Message Script, Creation Asylum is a community all its own.
-RPGXP.de (German)
German community of RPG Maker XP users. There are some interesting resources here that are worth checking out.

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